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Open Water RS1 (Sleeveless) Women

Open Water RS1 (Sleeveless) Women

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The Openwater RS1 Sleeveless is the perfect combination of buoyancy and flexibility, providing the thermal insulation you need without compromising your natural position in the water. The sleeveless version of an Orca wetsuit.


SCS The SCS coating on the neoprene reduces friction and helps to increase speed. Its micro-cellular structure repels water and creates less restriction when moving forward. 


ZERO CHAFING The lining in the neck area reduces friction and the likelihood of chafing. The material is soft to the touch and better for contact with the skin. 


BUOYANCY AND FLEXIBILITY Designed to provide the necessary thermal insulation and extra buoyancy, without altering your natural position in the water. 


FLEXIBILITY The 2-mm Yamamoto panels, with 39-cell SCS lining on the shoulders, combined with a flexible liner, maintain mobility and improve flexibility. 


SPEED Yamamoto's Hydrolite 39-cell Panels, placed in the lower legs, make transitions faster if you want to use the RS1 Openwater Sleeveless to compete in a triathlon. Removing this wetsuit is now easier than ever.

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